Water Extraction - Emergency & Flood

Steam-Pro of Tallahassee is equipped to handle anything from a small leak or spill, to an entire house filled with water. Fire, water, flood or storm, we will inspect the problem and follow industry procedures approved by the carpet cleaning industry to get your home back to, or better then the condition it was prior to the occurrence.

From tub over-flows, leaking aquariums, broken pipes, rising waters, roof leaks, or any other occurrence with water in your home or auto, Steam-Pro of Tallahassee can perform the necessary emergency procedures to save your carpet and furniture from additional damage and prevent further structural damage to your home or structure. In these emergency situations, time is of the essence, which is why Steam-Pro of Tallahassee has the FASTEST response time around. We can guarantee a response on-site in 45 minutes or less!!

Insurance companies recommend that you have the emergency work performed as soon as possible to avoid additional damage to your home or structure. The industry standards and guidelines that Steam- Pro of Tallahassee follows are what is required by ALL insurance companies. We can even work directly with your insurance adjuster if you would like. In addition to extracting the water, Steam-Pro of Tallahassee can also provide structural drying equipment for your carpeting, wood floors, walls & ceilings. We also provide carpet, rug, upholstery, mattress, tile and wood floor cleaning & sanitizing. In addition, Steam-Pro of Tallahassee can also provide mold & mildew restoration and remediation.

Call Steam-Pro of Tallahassee 850-877-8326 now for a quick on-site response in 45 minutes or less!!