Pet Damage

Pet Contamination

We all love pets and the enjoyment they provide, but occasionally they can have accidents. When these accidents are not cleaned and removed quickly, you can end up with some unpleasant odors. These odors are very difficult to remove and will cause the same pets to return to the same spot of the accident again & again. That's why you need to take advantage of Steam-Pro of Tallahassee’s odor removal experts to remove deep penetrating stains & odors. Steam-Pro of Tallahassee has the expertise and professional carpet cleaning equipment and products specially formulated to remove complex odor problems & stains at the very source of the problem.

Light to Moderate

In this situation, the pet urinated on the carpet only once in each spot. The urine will usually not have permeated deep down below the carpet and into the pad and sub flooring. In this case, we treat the contaminated areas topically with a two part system to attempt to alleviate both the stain and the odor. This is followed by a deep soil carpet extraction.

Moderate to Severe

This is a when the pet has repeatedly gone in the same location. The carpet backing, pad, and floor have been saturated by urine. When the carpet is dry enough you can start to feel the sticky, oily residue left on the carpet surface. Contamination of this level requires several more steps. Please contact us for more information about severe odor control and stain removal service

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