Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stains are a difficult issue, and it’s best to treat them professionally. A risk one runs in treating stains is using an incorrect detergent or solution for that particular stain. Certain chemicals and liquids can actually set certain stains, making it so that stain will never be removed. Also, many of the carpet cleaners sold in grocery stores and hardware stores are completely ineffective, so people waste money on solutions that simply do not work. Fortunately Steam-Pro of Tallahassee's carpet stain removal process is the best in the industry!

Steam-Pro of Tallahassee can remove almost any carpet stain but time is of the essence! Our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained in the most effective stain removal techniques. We have countless hours of stain removal expertise under our belts. We know how to deal with a plethora of stains including: red wine stains, dye stains, oil and grease stains, pet stains, permanent marker and ink stains, gum in carpet, wax in carpet, food stains and tar and many other stains. Call us and see for yourself why Steam-Pro of Tallahassee is the best in carpet stain removal.

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